Pin pointing the attention of the consumer.

Serving brands, professionals and companies.

Experience gained through our Motorcycle Tour operator business, hospitality business, and DMC tour operator business enabled us a unique insight into where is the attention of the consumer focused. As we are immersed in the motorcycle community and 4x4 overlanding community we're able to provide services to brands by giving their consumers value at the right time and the right platform or channel.

From motorcycle clothing development and prototyping, motorcycle luggage and parts development and prototyping to events for brands or motorcycle manufacturers we’re here to provide practicionership at the highest level. From product development, testing and design to full service rally events, we will always be immersed in the given tasks and will deliver product or experience through the eyes of the end consumer.

We have developed clothing and motorcycle luggage, and have cooperated with influencers on projects for motorcycle industry and factory branded rally events. Delivering contextual storytelling. while being aligned with where the attention needed to be for rally events, we have created specific consumer experience scaling it across different platforms and chanells. 

Our direct involvement with gear and parts development can always be supported with services of Lobagola Media, digital and marketing under the same roof.
Lobagola Media is internally integrated and supported by teams: Brand, Connection, Digital, Experiential Content, Operations and Project and Account Management. Together, we make our clients’ brands and their concepts impossible to imitate.
Our cadence is the speed of the attention.