Over landing traveller lighthouse in the Balkans.

Lighthouse in the Balkans, founded by Dooby, an overlanding traveler on 2 and 4 wheels known as ultimate value provider giving himself to the travelers in need. Known for skipping his meals, replying emails and answering calls from travelers in distress in the middle of the night, a true people's person.

Lobagola was coined after many wandering on foot, by bicycle, on the surface of earth and beneath it, collecting memories, and experiences while meeting new friends along the way.

No Lobagola team member is bound to a job title, or to their specific role. We’re constantly evolving beyond our own walls to fuel our imaginations, creations and sometimes within them. Team work will always push the boundaries of creation and will make what seemed impossible on first though just a stepping stone that always makes us proud as we have scaled one more peak. We are very enterprise oriented and family-friendly at our core. Each day we're inviting and encouraging the development of personal passions into our working environment. For us work our our daily duties and tasks need to be filled with happines and play. Our aim is to allow each member of the team to navigate her/his task giving space for personal realisation. Among us you’ll find painters, adventure seekers, cyclists, climbers, vocational champions and linguists just to scratch the surface.

Similar to wabi-sabi, as each day is perfectly imperfect, Lobagola is not about one experience, it's more about energy and being alive. Wanting more from life, celebrating cracks, crevices, and all other marks that time, weather and love leave behind.

Yellow elephant will make you come back for more, it always does :).