ADV level 2 training

Training and practice, done consistently, is combined to create a safer and more fulfilling ride experience. No matter what your current skill level, training is always a good idea. Off-road riding presents its own set of challenges and nothing gets in the way of that ride you’ve been planning like uncertainty. Our time and trail tested methodology will develop your off-road ride into the experience you are looking for. Assertiveness and agilitycommandcontrol and confidence are just some of the assets you can count on acquiring with Lobagola MotoTours training.

Especially riders on large displacement adventure bikes, even if they are training on a smaller bike. We are teaching the rider so he or she will be able to apply acquired skills regardless of the bike you will be riding off-road. We believe you will learn more on a smaller and lighter bike even if your intended goal is to become more proficient on the large adventure bike.

Lobagola MotoTours Training Experiences is able to provide specialized course and dedicated training for your needs. We always focus on safety and our routine and skills can increase rider/driver proficiency learning the bike balancingbody positioningriding on different surfaces and terrain. Through the duration of the exprerience the confidence level will rise no matter the starting skill level. Our goal is to provide clients small class sizes for a better instructor to student ratio. All of our training is arranged in an enclosed paddock to ensure focus of the participants and enable stable learning environment. Through 2 days training class each student will gain more proficiency and confidence making their ride safer and more satisfying. All of our services are based on the long term strategy of giving the clients value providing expertise, integrity and professionalism for which we’re known on a global level.

Support vehicle for our training camps is one of our Iveco support 4x4 vehicles, built for extended adventures. We will use it as our logistics centre, for servicing and maintaining the bikes as well as for a food preparation and a cold drink or beer after a long day.


Adventure rider level II (2 days)

By now you’ve been on many off-road adventures either on your own, or better yet, with a group of your friends. Chances are your confidence and skill levels are such that you can enjoy the ride more and take in your surroundings without having to concentrate on every action and reaction the bike is translating from the ground to your body. You are more present in the moment but there is still a part of you that doesn’t quite feel in-tune with everything, especially when speeds begin to increase or when negotiating more complicated obstacles.

Training Skills Covered:


  • Warm up

  • Slow speed riding and Cornering

  • Technical hill ascents and descents

  • Advanced turning on a hill

  • Momentum Training for Obstacles

  • Brake slide turns

  • Acceleration training

  • Drift Training

  • Jumping and lofting up ledges

  • Riding deep sand and ruts

  • Wide turning in sand

  • Advanced tight turns in sand

  • Recovery in sand