Algeria expedition tours

Algeria home of Sahara, this vast desert area with ⅘ of the country covered in sand  will show us scenes that will forever remain in your memories.

Early mornings will be sweeten up  with dates and etzai (mint tea), and camping under the open skye next to the camp fire is going to round up each day.


Ride up along the sandy planes, dry river beds or climb up the red dunes. Park the bike on top of the crest and watch the sun goes down.

We'll get you on a journey to discover ancient engravings and rock paintings, rewarding yourself with a jump into lush gueltas.


Price per rider: 3800,00 eur


Price includes (PDF)

Price excludes (PDF)


Ride no1: 4th December - 16th December

Ride no2: 18th December - 30th December

Ride no3: 8th January - 20nd January

Ride no4: 22nd January - 03rd February

Ride no5: 5th February - 17th February

Ride no6: 19 February - 2nd March