Motorcycles for sale

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Motorcycles for sale

We have been serving the overlanding community for long time, and this section is dedicated to overlanders who want to buy motorcycle from us. This is also a corner where you can check the offering from members of the community that are selling their vehicles. This service is offered for free.

If you would like to buy a motorcycle through us, then please provide a list of models, existing mileage acceptable, expected overal condition and needed gear/equipment. Also we need the framework on your budget (include additional costs for the extra equipment you want to be bought and mounted) and send it all to our email at:

If You're selling your motorcycle then please provide following information of your motorcycle:


Registered in (valid/not)

Current condition (engine, suspension, brakes, tires, battery)



Email address

Send all the above information to our email address:

Motorcycles with our email ( ) in contacts are sold by us directly.

This section of our services is also dedicated to sellers and buyers for their ads. Please bear in mind we do not act as a sales agent for the bikes that are not sold by us, only offering our website space for interested parties to help the community in their needs. 

Any transaction that might happen outside of our pool of vehicles is strictly the deal between seller and buyer. The responsibility of accurately presenting the item for sale and all the consequences that might develop after the deal is strictly between seller and buyer.

If you need our help in contacting the seller/buyer we're here to assist you.

We're not taking any commission for the service of putting an add for a motorcycle that is not owned/sold by us !

For more info:

+ 385 1 5801 990

+ 385 91 4311 076