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Global sea freight solutions.

Sea freight in containers

Our teams of experienced partner logistic companies will prepare motorcycles for transport. They will put the motorcycle on a pallet, strap it tight and secure all wheels so the motorcycle cannot move in any direction. Same apllies to cars or 4x4 vehicles when shipped by air in a container. Motorcycles will not be mounted on their side stand or center stand as it can close or slip under the handling or transporting of the crate and cause the damage to the motorcyle inside the crate.

Container Share

We want to help you save money and the best way to do that is to share a container. Where possible we will do our best to find you a shipping partner and provide convenience.

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Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Shipping

Roll on roll off carriers can handle almost all types of vehicles from Motorcycles, cars, 4x4’s, Camper vans, RV's, Motorhomes and Expedition trucks.

RORO offers the freighter a simpler process by not requiring haulage and lashing like container shipping, normally port and customs procedures are less complex, making it more convenient and also more economical.

We can offer RORO shipping globally to and from major ports in the Europe, North America (USA, Canada & Mexico), South America (Darien Gap, Montevideo, Zarate), Africa (Durban, Walvis Bay, Port Elizabeth), Asia, Australia & NZ.

We can advise you on the availability of shipping to the destinations of your choice and whether it would be more cost effective or convenient for you to ship by container.

Working with trusted agents at ports, enables us to ensure you have a trouble free shipping experience.

Always trying our best to find for you the option that suits both your travel plans and your budget. Convenience of the whole process is our highest priority.

RoRo shipping will see your bike taken on to a specialist vessel designed for the transportation of cars and motorbikes and secured into purpose built racks. Bikes are then simply taken off at destination for customs clearance and collection.

Roll on Roll off Shipping is the simplest and most economical method of shipping for single vehicles.

Your vehicle is driven directly onto the vessel and secured to the car decks inside the vessel which is wind-and-watertight.

Some RORO route allow passengers to accompany their vehicles (very rare option):

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Roll on Roll Off Shipping (RORO) Rate Calculation

Roll on Roll off Shipping rates are charged on a number of different criteria:

Cubic metres (CBM) – CBM is the volume of your shipment, it can be calculated with the following formula: Length x Width x Height = cubic metre (m3) (normally calculated to the nearest centimetre).

Weight or Measurement (W/M) –  The carrier will base the sea rate on either the weight of the shipment or CBM, whichever is greater. The W/M rule represents a cargo density equation i.e. light cargo is charged based on the CBM, while heavy cargo is based on the weight. W/M calculations may differ among carriers.

Metre Length – The carrier will charge a rate per metre of the cargo length, disregarding both CBM and W/M. i.e if your vehicle is 6.2m long then the rate would be: Rate($300/metre length) x 6.2 = Sea Rate of $1,860.

In addition to the sea rate, it is important to understand that you may also have the following charges to pay:

Carrier Charges – OTHC (origin terminal handling charges), Bill of Lading, BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor or Fuel Scale Charge), LSL (low sulphur surcharge) and other charges.

Outgoing / Export – Customs clearance fees and related charges, additional local handling fees.

Incoming / Import – Customs clearance fees and related charges, Documentation Fees (i.e BL), THC (terminal handling charges), Cargo Dues, other local handling fees.

Quite often, agents will only provide you with the fees quoted by the carrier, these often do not detail local charges or destination fees.  Where available, we will include these costs in your quote.

Customs Clearance

We offer a flexible approach to shipping and will adapt services to meet your needs and requirements.

We are offering one stop shop service that includes customs clearance for both import and export or you can appoint your own clearing agent at the port of departure or arrival.

*Note in some countries, it is mandatory to use a customs clearing agent.

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