Motorcycle sale and buyback

How to legally own a motorcycle in Europe when being a non EU resident.

If you are planning to ride in Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa for more than 3 weeks, then don't look to rent, but instead buy your own motorcycle in Europe through Lobagola MotoTours service of sale and buyback.

Our location

We are located in Zagreb/Croatia/EU, just 1,5 h ride from the Alps and Adriatic sea. Lobagola MotoTours facility is located 24-36 h of riding or using ferries from Tunisia, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Turkey, Algeria or Morocco.

TET  trail is just 1,5 h ride from us and the Balkans are the real starting point for your offroad adventure in Europe. Dooby is one of the founders of TET and was linesman for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can support your offroad adventures by finding a light enduro bike for you to purchase and enjoy offroading paradise the Balkans really are.

Cost comparison (rent vs ship vs sale and buyback)

Since we provide all the services to clients so they can enjoy their adventures (rentals, motorcycle shipping and sale and buy back), we can easily make a comparison of the costs when you come to rent a motorcycle, ship your motorcycle or do sale and buy back through us. This is made to showcase the clients the breakdown of their time window with accompanied costs per day for each of these 3 options.

Clients can share their motorcycle with their family members or friends (to reduce the yearly costs), or rent them through our rental service as well.


Calculation of costs comparing bike rental (21 days max), bike shipping and sale and buyback (PDF)


Sale and buyback time and value scheme(PDF)


Sale and buy back client obligations (PDF)


Sale and buyback process (PDF)


Sale and buyback costs PDF)


Additional services and information (PDF)


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