Off-road rentals

Weather your preference is paved or off road riding, Lobagola MotoTours will support both options.
Our off road range is a mix of Suzuki Drz 400 s and Suzuki dr 650.

Off road rentals are focused on clients that want to explore the last untouched part of the Europe, the wild Balkans and of course Trans Euro Trail clients that want to do one off fly and ride adventures.


Rental pricing:

                           Suzuki DRZ 400         Suzuki DR 650        

1-6 days                105,00 EUR              105,00 EUR                                      

7-14 days               95,00 EUR                95,00 EUR                                  

15-21 days             85,00 EUR                85,00 EUR                                     

21 + days               75,00 EUR                75,00 EUR                                   


Unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance is included in the above stated pricing.

For more info:

+ 385 91 4311 070