Advanced rally raid training camp

Advanced rally raid training camp

Advanced rally raid training camps are aimed at riders who have already learned basics of rally raid navigation and riding and want to hone their skill.

This 7 day long camp is created for riders that want to scale up their riding and navigation skills, so they can enter into world of competition in FIM rally raid and Baja type rallies.

The roadbooks are FIM specification in coloring and icons, so rider needs to know the icons and understand them (these infomations will be provided to you in advance). 

You will navigate roadbooks with special stages and liasons (paper or digital), validate waypoints and respect speed limit zones, simulating the race itself, albeit not racing against the clock. 

During the training camp we will be working both on riding techniques when traversing different terrain and surfaces and how to addapt your body position and riding technique to each of the surfaces.

Dunes, sand and rocky terrain training needs to be delivered in such environment to showcase the needed skill of floating in the sand, throttle control, weight distribution, balance etc.

Advanced training camp is comprised of 6 days/stages or rally roadbook navigation and 1 full day of mechanical troubleshooting, repair and bike set up. Troubleshooting is lectured by one of our team pro rally mechanics where first day of the camp he will showcase the bike set up, especially the suspension and also intro into troubleshooting and repair. After the 6 stages during which there will be falls, failures and issues, we will use these issues to go over each of these and showcase the proper managing of each of them during the stage.

There will be evening briefings to analyze the events of the past day and comment on the roadbook of the following day.

Riders will get the opporuntunity to train using paper roadbooks and also digital tablet set ups, paired with RNS multicontrolers and tripmasters. 

Being in good physical condition so to have the necessary endurance for long days in the terrain is compulsory prerequisite. It is also important for safety reasons.

Each motorcycle is equipped with gps satellite beacon so we can secure live timing for each rider during all the stages. Sattelite timing analyssis is done using our own custom developed software so we can deliver the feedback to the riders after each of the stages and go through issues they had. Stages are tailored in a way to test both the phisical stamina, mental strength and riding skills paired with navigating skills to move across the terrain.

Goal of advanced rally raid training camp is to teach riders on how to create a mindset that will succesfully combine the roadbook and tripmaster readings with vison on trail and reading the landscape into a singular operational skill.

This skill is prerequisite for safe riding day in and day out on multi day rally raid competitions and is also a key element of bringing the rider safe to the end of a stage and a rally.

Honning this skill means bringing better self confidence when riding and navigating which will save your energy and bring safety. Gaining profeciency will in time bring pacing into your daily stage routine while as we like to say "being in the process, not at the process".

Advanced rally raid training camps will be delivered in Algeria and Morocco, from November till February.


Package 1 KTM rally factory replica 450: 10650,00 eur

Package 2 Suzuki drz 400 E rally prepared: 3550,00 EUR


Included in the both packages:


Support + service:

Factory level bike preparation by professional rally mechanics

Factory level daily maintenance by professional rally mechanics

First set of new tires and mousses (each new front tire 65 euro, rear tire 120 euro, mousse front or rear 120 euro).

Fuel, oil changes, oil, and air filters.

Rally support Iveco trucks (2x) and Iveco 4x4 chase vehicles (2x)



Cold/hot drinks and snacks

Hospitality area with 24/7 Starlink Internet

Shuttle from the accommodation to each stage.

Hotel 3/4* accommodation and 3 meals each day


Insurance and safety:

Ambulance service on site for each stage with doctor and paramedic with their own 4x4 vehicle

Third party liability coverage

Travel and repatriation insurance 

Satellite communication via Garmin InReach that will be provided to each rider

Gps with the tracks and waypoints will be provided to each rider as a safety backup.


* Motorcycle insurance (third party liability):

Small scratches from tip overs and other insignificant damage will not be claimed. In case of a crash and consequently damage to the motorcycle and/or the equipment the damage will be paid by rider up to the amount of the damage deposit. Damage deposit for Suzuki DRZ 400 E is 1500,00 eur. Damage deposit for KTM rally factory replica is 3000,00 eur.