Off road expedition guided tours

Expedition guided off road tours.

Expedition guided tours, exploring the area from Alps to Black sea.

Once a space where many different nations, powers, religions clashed for more than 800 years is unique area in the world. Unique as there is hard to find such an abundance of natural beauty, remoteness and friendly people that are intertwined with rich history, heritage, and cultural mix.

All of our expedition tours are run on tailor made base, for small private groups of riders. Length can be from 7-20 + days and the skill level needed is experienced off road rider. Distances covered daily are 200-350 km, approx 70-80 % on non paved roads.

Lodging is provided in b&b’s, eco tourisms, mountain lodges and camps where we will gain an opportunity to be immersed in local culture, history and local food produce.

All the tours are supported by our expedition 4x4 vehicle Land Rover Defender 110. Vehicle will carry extra luggage, tools, spare parts, film and video gear and food and water supplies for the much needed nights we will spend under the clear blue sky camping. Vehicle is fully equipped with winches, external roll cage and is built for extended off grid operations with semi flexible solar panel from Off gridtec monitored by C-tek MPPT battery charging, solar and device monitoring system.

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