Paved and off road rental options.

Weather your preference is paved or off road riding, Lobagola MotoTours will support both options.

Our paved range is compiled of a mix of BMW R 1200 gs, BMW R 1200 gs LC, Suzuki v-strom 1000, Suzuki v-strom 650.

Our off road range is a mix of Suzuki Drz 400 and Suzuki dr 650.

Rental services and our road oriented fleet are primarily oriented towards our clients that are cosidering to buy a bike here in Croatia, through our service of motorcycle purchase. It will allow them to test the waters and get their bearings on our location and distances to interesting riding areas(Alps are 1,5 h ride from our premises, Adriatic coast is 1,5 h ride from our premises, Africa can be reached in 24-36 h by ferry). It's also a way for the clients to check our accommodation and many other services we offer, from motorcycle insurance, service, motorcycle storage, spare part and tires, motorcycle freight to expedition guided tours and training experiences. While being on site, you will be able to meet many over landing travelers passing through Lobagola B&B and Lobagola MotoTours office that will share their stories, laughs and fresh information hat's always useful for global travelers.

Off road rentals are focused on clients that want to explore the last untouched part of the Europe, the wild Balkans and of course Trans Euro Trail clients that want to do one off fly and ride adventures.

Starting location and drop off can be any location in the Balkans, to and from we will trailer bikes and needed gear.

Rental pricing:

                      Suzuki DRZ 400         Suzuki DR 650        Suzuki V-strom 650       

1-6 days            85,00 EUR                 85,00 EUR                   80,00 EUR                    

7-14 days          85,00 EUR                 85,00 EUR                   70,00 EUR                    

15-21 days        75,00 EUR                 75,00 EUR                   60,00 EUR                    

21 + days          65,00 EUR                 65,00 EUR                   55,00 EUR                    


                  Suzuki V-strom 1000      BMW GS 1200 AC Adv      BMW GS 1200 LC

1-6 day              85,00 EUR                      90,00 EUR                     100,00 EUR

7-14 days          75,00 EUR                      80,00 EUR                      90,00 EUR 

15-21days         65,00 EUR                      75,00 EUR                      80,00 EUR

21 + days          60,00 EUR                      68,00 EUR                      70,00 EUR


Unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance is included in the above stated pricing.

For more info:

+ 385 1 5801 990

+ 385 91 4311 076